There are other general contractors out there, but none can match our dedication to each and every project we work on.

We are the strategic partner that asset owners look for, not only for our proven track record of exemplary work and timeliness, but our innovative design, ability to customize based on each project,  and dedicated leadership.

Adivo’s Multifamily Renovation Process

Adivo Construction’s multifamily renovation process is both unique and personalized to each asset’s needs, yet organized into 6 simple phases.  

The Discovery Phase begins once pertinent documents such as a scope of work, plans, materials list, are received. Estimated timelines, lender requirements (if any), and overall goals are discussed. 

With the high-level understanding of the project under our belt, we move into the Proposal Phase.  More granular details, as well as different strategies and options, are discussed, followed by a site visit.  The formal written proposal is then created and delivered to the client’s inbox.

We begin discussions about the interior and/or exterior renovation programs and timelines – taking into consideration any critical needs and lender requirements – once we are in the Contract Phase.  

The Adivo team arrives onsite, initiating the Mobilization Phase.  Housing, storage, and waste setup begins, along with material procurement and a pre-construction meeting with the onsite staff.

The Execution Phase is when the magic happens!  Adivo self-performs on all aspects of the project – from plumbing to electrical, to painting and roofing.  Adivo manufactures all custom builds and hard surfaces, delivering them directly to the site.  The in-house accounting team and lenders are in constant communication during this phase.  The onsite team performs all walk-throughs with inspectors, asset owners and management companies.  

Before you know it, we are handing over the last set of keys, completing the final walk throughs and ready to work on your next multifamily investment project!

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