Which Will Be The Leading Trends In Multifamily Housing That Could Yield The Highest Returns For Real Estate Investors In 2022?

Dana on February 8, 2022

Which Will Be The Leading Trends In Multifamily Housing That Could Yield The Highest Returns For Real Estate Investors In 2022?


People spend most of their lifetime in the comfort of their home. This is why people often say that their home is not only a place but a feeling of fulfillment and happiness.


Why is this important? By updating their properties according to the leading renovation trends, real estate investors can not only attract higher quality and more stable tenants that will enjoy spending time in their apartments, but investors will be able to accelerate their return on investment and future cash flows.


Which will be the leading trends in 2022 that could accomplish this investment objective for real estate investors?



Many of the most recent apartment and condo buildings have shifted their focus away from square footage to amenities.


Convenience will be a top choice for renters in 2022, so in-room washers and dryers will be their leading priorities.


In addition to this, renters will want top-of-the-line amenities in their living spaces. Pools, water features, outdoor kitchens, and dining areas are among the most popular amenities. Organic and natural materials in the outdoor space, and commercial-style barbecues, refrigerators, for outdoor kitchens will be popular options.


Durable surfaces

As homeowners become more aware of the maintenance requirements for many common countertop options, we are seeing an increase in demand for natural stone and hard surfaces that are seamless, durable, and require no further upkeep while maintaining a sleek, modern appearance.


Appealing visual finishes

Many designers are adding metallic components into their finishes to lend a pop of color to these muted tones. Many individuals are adopting a combination of light and reflecting materials to liven up multi-family living areas, whether it is fixtures in the kitchen or bathroom or eye-catching lights.


Light color tones and neutral finishes have also been popular in multi-family design. Lighter yellow or gray tones are associated with stress-free living.


Modern design elements

Modern flooring and lighting, as well as furnishings and décor, have become increasingly popular, particularly among millennials, who make up the majority of renters.


Multi-family settings that incorporate modern and trendy components can add significant premium feel and value to the units of your investment property and attract high quality renters.


Going green

The pandemic prompted people to reconsider their attitudes on health, the environment, and materialism. As a result, repurposing furniture and using materials that are environmentally friendly, promote recycling, and have significance will be fashionable in the coming year.


Natural materials like wood, clay, and stone, on the other hand, go with any style, color, or substance. These textures give warmth and lightness to home design and make us feel like we are on vacation in our own home.


People want their houses to seem light, warm and inviting, and green is the perfect paint color to do so!



Traditional flooring options such as carpets might be visually appealing, but not necessarily practical in terms of functionality in a multi-family setting. Flooring in residential areas should be easy to clean, durable and aesthetically pleasing and wooden floors and ceramic tiles will be top choices.



Textured textiles are not going anywhere.


Texture provides a sense of coziness in the house, and we gravitate toward warm and soft-to-the-touch fabrics. Different colorways including soft yellows, sage greens, mild grays, and blues will be the preferred options that provide just that!


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 Natural light

Renters want more natural light in their homes through larger window and door openings, for a better connection to the outside, and this trend is expected to continue beyond 2022.


Strategic partner selection


Making a selection of the right strategic partner with a proven track record that can execute the entire process without any delays, higher construction costs and loss to lease provides an incredible value and excellent ROI for future real estate investors.


Seeing the final product of your investment project and getting what you want, on time and without any stress in the process is simply priceless.


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