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Community Tour
Welcome to the tour of what we feel is an ideal path to introduce, engage with and hopefully sign a prospective renter.  

You only have one time to make a good first impression, so we recommend you start at the moment they turn into your community.  A fresh entry monument welcomes them to the community, where the well-maintained drive to the leasing office takes over!  

Tour Stop #1

Designated parking spots for future tenants located closest to the entrance of the building are a great way to make a positive first impression on the prospective renters.  The thoughtfulness makes them feel special, and also alleviates any need to search for parking.  

By updating the building exterior and refreshing the surrounding landscaping, you are displaying to the visitors a positive perception of the community as a whole.    

Before and After of Halsey Flats Clubhouse

Tour Stop #2

Once inside, guests are greeted at the welcoming desk.  The expansive Community Center  opens up to lounges and other seating areas where the leasing agent can speak with the guests, as well as a glass-walled office that offers privacy as well as views of the surrounding indoor amenities.

The Bauer Legacy at Acworth Clubhouse

Tour Stop #3

The concept of a Community Center is essentially one building that incorporates the leasing center with common areas such as a 

  • Lounge
  • Internet cafe
  • Fitness center
  • Coffee bar
  • Business center, and more. 


As the leasing agent walks the prospective tenants through the building, they get to see the entire clubhouse area.  The gym and lounge areas are easily visible as well as any other indoor amenities.

Tour Stop #4

Walking through the back door of the community center, they are greeted by the community pool area, outdoor kitchen, as well as any other outdoor amenities such as a tennis court, dog park, walking trail, or children’s play area in close sight.

Tour Stop #5

As the leasing agent offers more details about living in the community, he or she guides the tenants along the same path to the model unit.  

Once the model tour has been completed, the leasing agent can inquire about what they thought of the unit and the community as a whole.  

This simple flow through all of the major constituents of a community should leave a great impression upon the visitors, allowing  them to envision themselves living in your community!

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