Dana on October 13, 2020


“Over the past 20 + years, Adivo Construction has renovated over 50 multifamily housing and retail projects for us, totaling over $100 million.  In the past, we have bid on other contractors but always come back to Adivo Construction because of their hard work, open communication, honesty, and dedication.  We are fortunate to work with Adivo and look forward to working with them on all future projects.”

Michael G.

“I have loved working with Adivo Construction over the past 4 years. We have done 4 projects with them totaling 500 units renovated and millions of capex dollars spent. One thing has remained consistent: every time you pick up the phone to call them, they answer. They resolve problems and make transacting easier. Jeffrey Verchow and Bogdan Manoli are top fantastic operators that I can highly recommend to anyone looking to build or renovate. “

Mike W.

“In value-add multifamily investing, time is money. Jeff Verchow and his team at Adivo Construction assist us from pre-acquisition through the entire renovation process. Their quality of work along with the organization of their entire process has helped us to generate the returns on investment we seek to attain. Thank you for guiding us through the construction process, being kind, understanding, and always ready to accommodate our needs.”

David P.
Managing Director

“I worked with Jeff Verchow & Bogdan Manoli on a total renovation of 40 units in Augusta, GA.  They were on-time and under budget, and they were careful to always under-promise and over-deliver.  I’m able to talk with them whenever we have issues, even though our project is now complete.  I’d highly recommend inviting Adivo to review your project to see if they can add value.”

Paul M.

“Our experience with Adivo Construction has been excellent since the very beginning.  Our company had to rehab a medium size multi-family with 69 units in the middle of the 2020 Global Pandemic.  We had interviewed more than 12 different companies and came to the conclusion that ADIVO Construction was the right partner for this project. From the very beginning the Adivo team showed us a dedicates approach that is client based and is detailed focused. Bogdan Manoli is intense and brings a wealth of hands-on experience on our project.  His passion and attention to details were very important to plan for potential problems and then execute seamlessly.  The ability to combine local support with the ADIVO Construction expertise brings great results.  We are now entering in the end phase of our rehab project and we are very pleased with the results we experienced so far. We are thankful to the pragmatic approach brought by Jeffrey Verchow who is always available if problems occurs and brings a rational and wise approach to resolution.  Adivo Construction is a great partner that can be trusted on large complex rehab project as they are trustworthy and go the extra mile to deliver.”

Patrick D.
Founder & Managing Partner

“Having a contractor who feels like they are truly a partner in a project is invaluable.  Our amenity and unit interior renovations have allowed us to compete effectively with much newer properties in the area.  With the updates, our amenity offerings and apartment homes are now on-trend, more functional, and have been well received by the residents.  This has enabled us to push rents and increase value.”

Stacey G.
Vice President, Asset Management

“We invest in properties all over the country. We LOVE that we can take Adivo with us anywhere. We choose Adivo whenever possible for their quality of workmanship, knowledge/expertise, management detail, ease of communication with all levels (from construction crews to company principals), and their consistent punctuality when meeting deadlines. Adivo team, thanks for all of the partnership thus far. Can’t wait for our next project!”

Gina J.
Development Manager