Hidden Cost: Loss To Lease – What Does It Mean For Your Project Success?

Dana on November 18, 2021

Hidden Cost: Loss To Lease

What Does It Mean For Your Project Success?


Real estate investors often underestimate the importance of having the right strategic partner when it comes to renovating or repositioning of their properties.

By making the right selection you will ensure that you are choosing a partner ready to dedicate their full attention to your property and stay committed through the entire process from start to finish.

This will provide you with a peace of mind, future cash flows, and overall return on investment.

the differences between a general contractor and a construction management company
Hidden Cost – Loss To Lease

Why is the topic “loss to lease” important?

Selecting the lowest bidder might seem the rational thing to do until you experience potential delays and higher construction costs in the process leading to uncompleted units on time and loss to lease.

This may impact your future cash flows and return on investment.

Choosing a trusted partner who is a self-performing national general contractor and will offer you a one stop shop – best value for money solution, will provide you with more benefits than going for the lowest bidder in the long term.


The key benefits when it comes to selecting a self-performing national general contractor include the control over material costs and logistics, ability to control timing and quality, and control over design.

Another important aspect to consider when it comes to the loss to lease topic are potential delays in the project construction completion due to lack of raw materials.

Smaller General Contractors could face more challenges to deliver the projects to their clients on time due to lack of materials, and more limited purchasing power.

As a national general contractor, Adivo Construction has an advantage when it comes to the receipt of order items due to our buying power and nationwide footprint.

Our strong and experienced in-house team is the source of our competitive advantage to respect the project delivery schedule and control the quality of our work.



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