Dana on January 20, 2021


2021 Trends in Multifamily Housing

The overwhelming demand is for spaces where the apartment renter will feel comfortable, healthy, and connected.  Below are some of the multifamily housing trends we expect to see a lot of in the coming year!


More and more people have embraced the great outdoors since the beginning of the pandemic.  New and creative amenities have come into play.  Outdoor work stations, oversized lawn games such as chess and cornhole, meditation gardens, walking trails, and mini golf are just a few.  

Traditional amenities that are common at any apartment community will still be available.  Pools are still considered the number one amenity.  Clubhouses will offer open workspaces that allow for social distancing, as well as private offices or cubicles to allow for more privacy and seclusion.  Antimicrobial products such as paint, hard surfaces, door hardware, and other high-touch items are going to continue to soar in popularity.  Ultraviolet lighting and filtration systems will aid in disinfecting the enclosed environments.  

Package management via lockers are becoming increasingly popular with the large jump in online orders and home delivery of just about everything under the sun.  


Dedicated spaces for a home office, living area, and separate bedroom are big asks for 2021.  If the units cannot afford the extra space required for these separate areas, items such as built-in workspaces and murphy beds work very well.  


High-speed internet connectivity is paramount, with the continuation of working from home and virtual school in place.  Home automation tools such as touchless access control to the building and unit, and regulating cooling and heat from a smartphone top the list.  

Also important are additional ethernet connections, charging stations, and cell phone boosters in common areas.

What trends are you looking to incorporate into your multifamily housing assets?

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