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The Davis SoCo Pool Area

If we were back in 2019 and looking ahead to 2020 and beyond, it is doubtful that we could have pinpointed what would be in terms of multifamily community living – especially amenities.

Gone are the days of large indoor gathering areas and in-unit washer and dryers as some of the top must-haves for renters.  Location is still the number one “ask”, but a lot has changed in terms of amenities.

Below are a handful of amenities that will score points with potential tenants.

Outdoor Workspaces

Whether it is an individual unit’s balcony, a rooftop, or a green space, outdoor workspaces are all the rage.  

Location will dictate if outdoor workspaces will “work”.  Even if seasonally used, an outdoor workspace would alleviate the current stigma of its indoor counterpart.  

Larger Pools

People are spending a lot of free time outdoors.  Community swimming pools have become even more popular with residents than ever before.  The popularity calls for larger swimming pools with multiple entry points and sun shelves.

Splash Pads

Parents are always looking for ways to detach their kids from the electronics, even more so now due to increased screen time from virtual learning. One of our clients has opted to transform one of the community pools into a fun splash pad for the kids to play outdoors in a “cooler” environment.  

By installing colorful water-based structures such as ground sprays, water cannons, and ride-on toys, the kids can partake in imaginative play while keeping cool while parents supervise from the sidelines.

Smaller Group Spaces

Instead of one or two large gathering areas, residents are gravitating towards communities that offer multiple smaller group spaces.  Vignettes with outdoor seating for 4 to 8 people, Adirondack chairs clustered around fire pits, and hammock parks are some examples.

Outdoor WiFi

Outdoor WiFi is especially important for communities offering the outdoor workspaces, but is a plus to have around nonetheless.  Tenants want the convenience of having access to WiFi by the pool area, when relaxing in a hammock or spending time with their dog in the dog park.  

Workout Track

Offering an outdoor workout track with fitness stations has become increasingly popular.  Health and wellness is top of mind these days, so it makes a lot of sense.  These outdoor gyms are outfitted with equipment that combines cardio workouts on the track with a total body workout on the equipment.  

Which of these popular amenities would you add to one of your communities?

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Legacy Crossing Splash Pad Before
Before Location Photo of Legacy Crossing Splash Pad


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